Blue Romantic Flowers - Stick and Stitch embroidery pattern

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Stick and Stitch patterns are ideal for Hand Embroidery and can be used on clothing, hooped fabric, pillow covers, tote bags and basically any fabric that works for you. You can truly let your imagination fly.

'Blue Romantic Flowers' design is a 'Do It Yourself' project. The package includes two identical sets of the design so you'll be able to complete two different beautiful projects (for example, embroidered shirt and pillow cover)

The package includes :
- 6 Patterns pre-printed on Stick and stitch stickers
4 patterns of size - 6 x 2.4" (15 x 6cm)
2 patterns of size - 4 x 1.6" (10 x 4cm)
(two identical sets of three stickers each)
- Color and stitch guide
- Stick and stitch useful instructions and tips

The finished embroidered pieces are for display purposes.
Fabric items (as shirts or tote bags) and embroidery threads are not included

Contact me with any questions :)
I'm always happy to try and help!

Stick and stitch patterns are pre-printed on thin stabilizer stickers which are dissolvable in water. Cut the pattern along the markings, peel the sticker and place on the fabric of your choice. If you want to relocate the sticker, you can easily peel and reapply it, just note that doing so multiple times can weaken the glue.

Once the sticker is in place, turn the fabric over on a flat surface and lightly tap to give the edges a little extra love. If it stays on perfectly, it’s time to start. Take your time and have fun with it!

Patterns and images are © Tamar Nahir-Yanai 2016 and are for Personal Use only