From pencil to thread: how an idea turns into an embroidery kit

It’s always fun to get a new kit started. At any given time I have six or seven illustrations lying around, just waiting to become an embroidery pattern. But lately I’ve been feeling like making something brand new. I started to sketch specifically for patterns, with the good old fashioned pencil and paper. Sometimes the illustration is so crisp in my mind, that I sketch it directly onto the fabric.

These winter patterns started off as sketches in my notebook, on a paper the size of the intended kit, and from there straight on two a finished illustration, drawn directly onto the fabric.

When it comes time to test-stitch, naturally some elements come off while others are added, and the pattern takes on a life of its own.

I really love photographing the end result. Finding elements that best compliment the piece is like a scavenger hunt!

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Happy stitching!






November 23, 2016 by Tamar Nahir
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