Embroidering love letters

In nearly every workshop I hold, I get the same question: “when do you have time to embroider?” or “do you ever stop?”
Fact is, I love embroidery so much that I always carry it with me. It’s light and doesn’t take up much space. You’ll usually find me with my box of threads and a work in progress.

I mostly embroider on the weekend. When I’m at fun casual family events, I would usually be holding a needle before tea is even served. Luckily, they’re already used to it. I can easily talk and stitch at the same time :) . It’s a social hobby – at least I think it is –and I’m not bothering anyone…

Sometimes when I’m at my parents’ house my mom joins me. It’s addictive, and when we visit my in-laws, the sight of a thread and needle often motivate my mother in law to get her knitting out.

The happiest, and most surprising, embroidery-related family story has to do with Aviv, my husband’s nephew. He is a big, burly guy.
Before embarking on his post-army service trip to South America, he asked me to help him embroider something for his girlfriend.

I was over the moon! We started planning out the project together. We head a deadline, and enjoyed choosing colors and different stitches.

Aviv wanted to stitch a simple, but heartfelt phrase: “I will be back”...

Apart from sewing on a button, Aviv has never held a needle in his hand. Needless to say, it was his first time embroidering. As big and macho as he is, his work was so careful, precise, with every stitch in its exact place.

Whenever he misplaced a stitch, instead of giving up he just started over, like a pro. We got some odd looks (“a man stitching!”), but most people who saw us were excited and very supportive.

By the end of Hanukkah, just one week before his flight, Aviv finished his project. Needless to say, his gift was very happily received…

Aviv, have a fantastic trip! I hope you inspired some more guys to give embroidery a try

Happy stitching!







January 13, 2017 by Tamar Nahir
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