From Italy to the Loire Valley

July was exceptionally busy and exciting. Last week I was invited to host an embroidery workshop at the museum for Italian Jewry n Jerusalem. It is a magical, beautiful place – more than I could ever have imagined.

Ten of us met up at a breathtaking, decorated eighteenth century room. The space is impeccably preserved and preserved. My photographs cannot do justice with the joy of looking and taking in every last detail in the room.

We started off with a fascinating tour that included in-depth explanations on each piece and technique. The upper floor shares the remnants of a Renaissance-era Venetian synagogue. We drank up mouthwatering details of ancient hand crafted works: gold leaf, printing, woodblock and my personal favorite – embroidery and lacework.

After the tour we reconvened at the decorated room to begin our embroidery workshop. We were alive with the magic and atmosphere that only a space like that can provide. I am always thrilled to meet new ladies who wish to learn about the world of embroidery, and couldn't have asked for a better setting to do so.


Two weeks ago, the most exciting thing happened! A feature interview on the Etsy blog, an incredible and unexpected honor! When I'm deep into my process, I hardly ever raise my eyes and look back on the road I travelled to get to where I am. The blog item allowed me to think back and evaluate my path, and for that I am incredibly grateful.

Etsy chose this sentence as teaser:"I make what I love—whatever feels right and makes me happy. So if I’m able to make others happy in the process, that’s incredible."  I think it really captures the essence of my work, my passion.

To read the full story about my process and the path I had taken, please click here.

July came with another exciting adventure. I was invited to participate in next summer's embroidery fare at the Loire Valley, France! After reading about the location and drooling over the photographs (not to mention desserts that only French cuisine can dream up!), I simply couldn't say no… There's a whole year of waiting ahead, but I'm already buzzing with excitement and curiosity at the adventure that awaits me.


August has come… A few days after writing this post, I said goodbye to my beloved cat, after 21 wonderful years together. It was a sad and difficult parting. Every morning I keep expecting her to come over; even though the brain knows she is no longer with me, the heart doesn't let go. We shared so many routines. She was my sidekick in every embroidery project, and appeared in countless illustrations. I suppose she will keep popping up in new works, just as she will always stay in my heart.

We felt the end was near, as early as April. But in her final days she couldn't eat or drink, and had gotten very weak. We took some photos together on the lawn for a final hug. Mocha seemed to enjoy those last few rays of sunshine. Beautiful, petite, kind hearted  ❤


August 08, 2017 by Tamar Nahir
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